Seize Your Destiny

In November of 2012, George Chanos, former Attorney General of Nevada, suffered a major heart attack. It made him reflect upon his own mortality and sharpened his focus on what’s truly important. It inspired him to reduce to writing what he considered life’s most important lessons. Lessons that he believed would help his family lead a happy, successful and meaningful life. These are those lessons.

Seize Your Destiny, represents the advice that he is sharing with his daughter and his nephew – both Millennials.

As he began reducing his thoughts to writing, he realized that publishing this advice as a book could advance a broader purpose. It would allow him to make a contribution that might enrich the lives of other families – perhaps even entire communities.

Seize Your Destiny is offered in that spirit and with that hope.

Your Roadmap to Success


Mr. Chanos is available as a speaker for public and private events.


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